Stylin tile did a terrible job and won`t answer for it

Ripley, Ontario 0 comments

I hired this company to tile my customers ensuite.Including the shower base and floor,which were marble.They bosted 18 years experience in tilesetting on their website.

I called their rferences and they checked out.However, after the job was done I was able to take a good look at it.First,they used the wrong products to lay the marble tile on the floor.Again on the shower pan they used the wrong products.They did not slope the shower pan to the drain.In fact the drain was higher than the outside edges.I wasn`t able to check this until they were gone and I hooked up the water.

I had to tear out the shower pan,grind out the mortar,reslope the pan and reset new tile.The grout began to colapse on the marble floor.The next day the marble tile started to lift.That is when I discovered that they had used mastic underneath the marble.On the bucket of mastic it says "not recomended for natural stone"

This is inexperience plain and simple.So they misrepresent themselves.Which is a nice way of saying they lie.Unfortunately I paid them and they refused to fix it.They are from Abbotsford.Do not hire them.

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